Dan Van Acker is a graphic design specialist who strives to harmonize bold creativity, premium design, and the right execution with ideas that inspire, inform, and produce exciting results.


So I ask a lot of questions and listen to your goals. The gears in my head start spinning while scratchy doodles show up on every piece of paper within arm’s reach.


Now that solutions to all of the world’s problems have been imagined, it’s time to get this project looking good. There’s a lot of communication and consideration on feedback until we have zeroed in on the right solution.


Where do we take it from here? Don’t worry, I’ve spent years working with printers, coders, and fabricators to get the final product looking the way it should. It’s not amateur hour here. Not a single detail is overlooked.

Some Recent Work
Point Electric
The Full Kit Laborers 309
Micky's Menu
Indian Run Golf Club
Point Electric Micky's Menu
Point Electric Micky's Menu
The Full Kit
Laborers 309
Indian Run Golf Club ReUnion Brewery
Point Electric